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The Real Cost of Hair Removal

The Real Cost of Hair Removal

Hair removal is a big business. As one of the leading facets of the skincare and hygiene industry, a recent study found that the hair removal industry is worth something in the vicinity of $11 billion. This isn’t even take into account the recent boom in “manscaping” which is said to have increased the industry’s profits by over $1 billion. While that’s great for the salons, big hair removal practices and more - this is all out of the pockets of the average consumer and the cost never ends. Below we take a look at the different methods of hair removal and the true cost of hair removal.

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Laser Hair Removal

Definitely on the high end of all hair removal procedures, laser hair removal has been perceived as a highly effective and even permanent method for removing hair. The costs certainly reflect such a luxury. The average cost per session for laser hair removal of the legs is about $600 on the low and and $900 on the high end. The average amount of time that it takes to remove hair is a about 5 sessions - which means that the average consumer is spending at least $3,000 and up to $4,500. We know what you’re thinking - maybe this is worth the cost since it’s permanent, right? Wrong. Studies show that laser hair removal rarely works as a permanent solution with hair growing back as soon as months later. Making this method not only expensive but ineffective to boot.


Nair is one of those products that has been on the market for as long as anyone can remember. But ask any Nair user what they think of the product and you’ll quickly realize that its not exactly a preferred method used by anyone. It may be tolerated but it is by no means beloved. Nair is often reported by users to burn the skin and cause mild to extreme discomfort. But Nair burns more than just skin - it burns the wallet too. The average bottle of Nair ranges anywhere from $8-$12 and lasts about a month with full usage. On the high end, that’s about $150 annually for a product that is prone to lots of trial and error and also has a reputation for burning and irritating skin.

Waxing Sessions

Often you’ll feel the need or pressure to “Treat Yourself” - who doesn’t love a day at the salon or the spa? It can certainly feel very relaxing until it’s time to pay. Waxing sessions are extremely common and are at the forefront of the idea that beauty is pain. Waxing sessions are often priced starting at the “Half-leg” prices. Half leg goes from the kneecap down to the ankle. And starts at anywhere from $35 to $55 per session. Of course, most clients want the full leg and bikini treatment. In that case, the cost could be anywhere from $80 - $160 per session not including the customary 10% - 15% tip. This method also isn’t permanent. Some cases have clients returning each month which could easily lead to well over $2,000 annually.


Finally, we come down to the the most common form of hair removal - shaving. While shaving is by no means permanent, it’s also not terribly affordable either. Between razors, shaving cream, exfoliators, aftershave and more, shaving can easily run about $400 annually. And that’s the middle end.

So where do all these options lead us?

Salix Lotion

Enter Salix Lotion. Created with the consumer in mind, Salix Lotion is made with a delicate balance of all-natural ingredients designed to penetrate and soothe the skin all while creating permanent hair removal. Salix Lotion is used as part of your current hair removal regimen be it shaving or waving. But where Salix differs is the results! When used consistently, Salix Lotion reduces hair regrowth and leads to a permanent hair removal solution and costs as little as $129 for a full recommended treatment. And not only does it work for hair loss, it acts as a traditional lotion and aftershave leaving your skin smooth, supple, and touch-ably soft.

Tired of overspending on hair removal methods that aren’t even permanent? Try the Salix Lotion difference today!

Salix hair removal lotion is a good natural creme. Click here to shop now. It helps remove hair and is safe to use.