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Salix Lotion | Shaving Is More Complicated Than You Think

Salix Lotion | Shaving Is More Complicated Than You Think

Before the popularity of threading, Nair, laser hair removal and other new techniques, there was the razor. Though it may seem old fashioned, shaving is still the most common method of leg shaving. It’s a technique that is so simple on paper - but is shaving really the most practical way? Below we take a closer look at the long process that comes with shaving your legs

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You Need to Prep

You would think that shaving your arms or legs would be as easy as rubbing on some shaving cream and just gliding over the hair with a razor. But shaving veterans know this definitely isn’t true. Before even thinking about shaving, the area that’s going to be shaved should be exfoliated. This process loosens the pores and scrubs away dead skin cells that could make shaving a lot more difficult. While helpful, exfoliation is a delicate, time consuming process that requires a rinse, scrubbing, post rinse, and thorough drying. It doesn’t help that most exfoliators are filled with many hash chemicals and

You Need the Right Products

With the basic knowledge most people have about shaving, it’s often forgotten that shaving your legs involves more chemicals that you think. A good exfoliator, one that rough but not too rough, is needed to start. Then there’s finding the right shaving cream. Not all shaving cream are made the same way. There are many full of gels and artificial coloring, harsh perfumes, burning and drying alcohol and more. The wrong shaving cream can mean the difference between smooth, supple skin and harsh, dry, and irritated skin. And even if you do manage to get the right shaving cream, you still might not be in the clear because….

Post Shaving Skin Care Routines Are Important

After shaving, your skin is susceptible to all sorts of issues and conditions. The first step in a post-shaving skincare routine is applying the right kind of aftershave. Choose one with too much alcohol, and you could have dry, burning skin on contact. Try using the wrong moisturizer and you could have greasy, oily legs. Choose a cream with an excessive amount of thick oil and you could end up with ingrown hairs.

The Cycle Never Ends

The worst part about shaving? The hair is going to grow back anyway. Be it a matter of days or weeks, that leg hair is definitely going to come back. While thicker hair as a result of shaving is something of an old wives’ tale, stubble on legs can look unsightly. This makes the process of shaving unbearable because it’s something that needs to be done with a fair amount of regularity. Around this point, most people think about looking for a hair removal method that lasts. And now, there is one!

Salix hair removal lotion is a good natural creme that helps remove hair and safe to use.