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What's in a Name? The Legend of the Salix Genus

What's in a Name? The Legend of the Salix Genus

At Salixcare.com regarding our hair removal lotion, we pride ourselves in using raw, natural ingredients in all our products. We believe that nature holds the key to a back to basics approach to skincare. This inspiration can be found in our name and in the spirit of our work. Salix does not refer to one tree but to a genus of trees known as Salix. Containing over 400 species, the Salix genus has a long and fascinating history grounded in legend and in science. With a long history spanning cultures around the world, the Salix has been widely used in art, folklore, medicine, skin care and as a stabilizer for the environment itself.

The Legend

Legend has it that ancient texts speak of healing, rejuvenating baths reserved only for the and noblest of royalty. Luxurious and decadent baths carefully made from lush lavender sprigs, fresh rose water, savory turmeric root, sweet almond oil, spiced cardamom, fig extracts, and of course, distilled sap carefully extracted from leaves of the Salix. These baths were used for many purposes. Careful contemplation, spiritual enlightenment - but above all, healing. Staving off sudden and irritating skin conditions, the Salix was found as a major component in the restoration of even the most damaged, dry skin. The legend of the Salix is a major inspiration for our company and our formulas, and we’ve recreated this once-private bath for all to enjoy.

For Nature

While myths and folklore emphasize the mystical healing power of the Salix, its healing properties are firmly rooted in science. One specific plant from this genus is the beloved Weeping Willow. Classified as a poplar tree, the willow is often among the first trees planted in barren, disturbed, or degraded lands. The willow is balanced, like our products, and thrives in even the most unforgiving soils and only requires half a day’s worth of sunlight to thrive. In doing so, they quickly revitalize and stabilize their environments.

These trees are applauded and revered for their almost magical rapid growth and bring new life to once sodden lands.

For Healing

Willows also have their place in early medicine and have been used in healing remedies for hundreds of years. Salicylic acid – the main ingredient extracted from the bark of a willow was discovered in 1838 and was originally harnessed as a predecessor for aspirin as we know it today. It was also discovered to have many different healing properties for the skin. Salicylic acid is naturally, chemically balanced down to a molecular level and can penetrate oily skin and unclog pores, act as an anti-inflammatory in the skin, reduce secretions that lead to acne, exfoliate the skin and can even reduce the appearance and effects of dandruff!

Taking into account these healing properties, is it any wonder that Salix Care is nothing short of inspired?


Salix Today

The properties of the mystical Salix genus are still in use today across many countries and cultures. The ingredients in Salix Lotion act as a tribute to the genus. With thin, powerful jojoba oil, Salix Lotion penetrates the skin and unclogs the pores while shrinking them and keeping more hair from coming back. It’s powerful but it does not do damage to the surrounding skin. And while it does all this hard work, the refreshing thyme oil works quickly to repair and refresh the skin while sweet almond oil makes it feel supple, smooth, and oh so touchable. Finally, a bright scent of lavender comes through to carry you through your day giving the sensation of being at your own private spa.

If you’re tired of the same harsh chemicals and abrasive formulas, we invite you to feel the Salix difference today! Order your bottle Salix hair removal lotion and join the millions who have enjoyed the soothing effects of the Salix genus.